When does the Scheme start ?

The scheme starts on 1st February 2019

How the Scheme Works ?

The scheme is a points based scheme and is only to Members on production of their membership card when purchasing drinks over the bar.

How are points accrued ?

When a member makes a purchase over the bar, on production of their existing membership card to the bar staff, points will be added to the card. The card must be given to staff prior to making the purchase.

You will accrue 1 point for every 10p spent – i.e. one point has a value of 1p. This equates to a 10% discount.

How are points redeemed ?

When making a purchase if you have sufficient points accrued on the card, the member will be asked if they want to pay by cash or redeeming points. Note that you must have at least 250 points on your card before you can redeem against a purchase.

How many Points do I have ?

On production of your card when making a purchase, your accrued points will appear on the till display. Bar staff can inform you of your current Points total.

Can I accrue Points without my card ?

If you don’t have your card no points can be accrued and they cannot be added later.

What if I lose my Card ?

Your discount point total is held securely on the computer system. If you lose your card a replacement costs £5 and your existing balance will be transferred to your new card.

Other promotions/discounts/cash back

Points cannot be accrued on cash back, special offers or at certain events as decided by the Committee.

End of Scheme and Review

The current Scheme period ends on 30th November 2019