Result: As you are aware voting closed on the 23rd May having run since 23rd April. Of the 420 letters and voting slips sent out we had a return of over 46% which is 193 forms.

155 members voted for the motion (80.5%) with 37 members voting against (19%). There was one undecided vote (0.5%)

The Results have been audited by 3 members of long standing and certified as correct.

Background: We have been investigating how best to extend the Club for the benefit of all members. Various plans have been drawn up, many of which have been displayed on the Noticeboards in the Club. In drawing up the plans there is of course a necessary balance to be maintained between the footprint of the Club, cost, member’s feedback and Outline Planning Permission which has already been granted by the Local Council. The works do not include any provision for new fixtures and fittings or the redecoration of the existing areas of the Club.


  • Extend RH Elevation wall from rear room forward to front door / entrance, to increase the size of the lounge bar area.
  • Move Male Toilet to rear of building (currently part of back room) to further increase the size of the lounge bar area.
  • Convert the existing under stair & storage cupboard to a Disabled w.c..
  • To make alterations to internal walls, to increase usable bar area. Slightly extend / improve the ladies w.c.’s by provision of an additional cubicle.
  • Cost not to exceed £150,000

Ground Floor Plan

Substructure Plan


Q: Are there any plans to alter the bar ?

A: This proposal does not include any plans to alter the bar area in any way

Q: Why do the plans show an extension to the Snooker Room

A: We applied for Planning Permission to allow us to consider this in the future as it now forms part of an Approved Plan (by the Council). However it does not form part of the current proposal

Q: Are there enough Fire Exits and do the plans meet all Fire Regulations ?

A; The Local Council have approved the Plans including all necessary legal and regulatory requirements