(a) Every applicant for membership shall be nominated by a member and must be seconded by a Committee member.

(b) The name and address of the nominee applying for membership shall for not less than two days before the election meeting be prominently displayed in the Club.

(c) Membership shall be deemed to commence upon the successful election to the Club and when payment has been received in full for the Annual Subscription.

(d) The Club shall consist of not more than 400 members

(e) No rejected applicant shall be nominated again until the expiration of twelve months of their rejection.

(f) Candidates for election of membership shall have no power to vote at any meeting.

(g) The Committee shall have the power to elect life and honorary members. Such members shall enjoy all the privileges of membership except those of voting and serving on the Committee.

(h) The Committee shall have the powers to admit to Associate Membership either by virtue or another good reason female members and wives of members. Such members shall have no power to vote at any meeting or serve on the Committee.