Result: As you are aware voting closed on the 23rd May having run since 23rd April. Of the 420 letters and voting slips sent out we had a return of over 46% which is 193 forms.

161 members voted for the motion (83%) with 32 members voting against (17%). There were no undecided votes.

The Results have been audited by 3 members of long standing and certified as correct.

Background – For some time the Club has operated a ‘Men only’ Policy regarding membership of the Broadway Club. This is enforced via Rule 2(a) and Rule 6(d) and the subsequent referral in the masculine tense to member’s rights and membership rules. Whilst not currently against the law, the limitation on male members drives a perception of the Club that it is behind the times and welcomes women only when invited by their male partner. In a member survey in 2018 over two-thirds of members (67%) agreed it was time to allow women to become members. Only one fifth disagreed (the remainder gave no answer).

Proposal – The Club by means of changes to the Rules allows full membership equally to both Men and Women and that all members regardless of their sex have equal rights within the Club including and not limited to membership, voting rights and committee nomination


Q: Does this mean that my wife has to become a full member of the Club ?

A: No. Currently Rule 9(h) states “Members may invite their wives and lady friends at any time without the need to sign the visitors book” . This would be altered to read ” “Members may invite their Partners at any time without the need to sign the visitors book”. All wives of members continue to enjoy the same rights they have today. They would be referred to as Partners and not as Wives and Lady Friends. Of course if any do wish to join the Club in their own right, they would be free to apply for membership but this is optional.

Q: What happens with the current Associate Members ?

A: There are only 6 Associate members on record as of January 2020. We would manage these memberships on a case by case basis