Newsletter – December 2021

Latest update from your committee

First the good news;

  1. This weekend should see bingo being played in a better sounding environment with the banquette seating reinstalled. This is a temporary measure to make the main room more user friendly while plans are considered for the medium/long term layout of this room and the rest of the building. Our aim is to maintain the club feel and informality while also bringing the décor into the 21st century. As discussed at this years AGM, an outline plan and options should be available for membership discussion by the next AGM, planned for March 2022.
  2. At the AGM we also hope to outline entertainment plans going forward. We know bingo and quiz nights are well supported but what else works for the members? Do you want discos or live bands and if so what music genre? Or do you have other ideas that you’d like put into the mix?
  3. Ryan is making progress in updating the website which can be viewed at It is still very much work in progress and the content will be replicated on Facebook, with news and events also being distributed via newsletter, email, and the club notice board.
  4. A new SMART TV has now been installed, as the previous 10-year-old TV could not be updated to show sport on Amazon Prime and other streaming services. While this was an unbudgeted spend, it was deemed essential in providing the best experience for members with the scheduled festive period sporting events.
  5. And last but not remotely least in the good news category, we are seeing returning numbers to the club for planned evenings and regular social meeting with a corresponding return to previous levels of income, so much so that the treasurer is reasonably confident that we will break even this year.

And now the NOT so good news;

The welcome return of members and guests has unfortunately also seen an increase in anti- social behaviour by some members and their guests.

  • Please note that while we encourage an informal and friendly atmosphere and welcome patrons from all walks of life, we do expect all visitors to respect other club users
  • If you’re asked not to eat at the bar by a member of staff, please oblige and remove yourself from the bar
  • It is illegal for minors to consume alcohol on the premises and puts bar staff in an uncomfortable position when members attempt to buy alcohol for younger guests. It also puts our licence at risk. Please do not attempt to buy alcohol for minors.
  • We are also seeing a marked increase in drinking and driving, which is not only illegal it also poses a potentially fatal risk to the driver, passengers and members of the general public. This behaviour also poses a serious threat to the renewal of the club’s licence, should Police be aware that a drunk driver was previously consuming alcohol on our premises.

The club has a duty of care to its members and the wider community. We cannot be seen to condone or in any way encourage or facilitate drink driving. Action may be taken against any member or visitor who knowingly drives home from the club whilst over the drink drive limit.

The Broadway is your club, please help the staff and committee keep everyone safe and welcome and get the club back to where it was in being welcoming, inclusive and a great place to meet and socialise.

A self-policing policy is always favourable to a committee wielding disciplinary actions against members who don’t respect their friends, other members and staff, and the wider community.

That’s the end of the negative bit so Merry Christmas to all members and their families and we hope you all have a great end to 2021 and a fantastic 2022

And finally, don’t forget members subs are due from 1 January 2022, with renewals open until 31 January. Subs are retained at £25 per annum.