(a) If the General Committee considers that any members conduct either inside or outside of the Club premises is contrary to the interests of the Club and injurious to its’ reputation, they may terminate that person’s membership.

(b) Any member guilty of willful misconduct may be expelled from the Club by the Committee and such member shall forfeit the right to membership after having first been given the opportunity of making an explanation to the Committee.

(c) Drunkenness will not be permitted in the Club and the Committee under rule 8(b) shall deal with any member offending against this rule.

(d) No member shall take away from the Club or injure or destroy any book, newspaper or other article belonging to the Club.

(e) No paper or notice whether written or printed shall be posted without being sanctioned by the Committee.

(f) The bar staff reserve the right to refuse entry or serve and member or guest whom and dealt with under rule 8(b)